Just have a little notice come to all member. I regret to lose any member, but I have to maintain the quality of content and the community’s shape. Hence, if you want to keep the membership of this community, please follow the rules below:
1. Get involved by posting, commenting, re-sharing for posts and comments you like.
2. Do not self-promote. If your post is quality content, people know how to find you and they will follow you so there’s no need to say “Follow Me.”
3. Post the real photo. U can post the fake if you sure that nobody knows it’s fake
4. If you want to re-share a post from the community, please re-share it publicly. Do not re-share a post in the same community where it was originally posted as it’s not fair to the original poster.
5. The limit of pics is 5 and video is 1 ( but video will be check hard with content)
6. Try to make your post in English in order to get bigger audiences
7. Check the 10 latest post to make sure it hasn’t already been posted.
8. Spam post not right object to I will erase post and THEY WILL BE BANNED
I hope you all will have wonderful time and successes in job 🙂

Yeah, its Football, shown skill, football tactics, on weekends everyone life is football, these situations, goals and team winner. Do you like football?